A Donut is a Donut in any "Diet"

Diet shmiet...put it down alreadyI hate the word "diet". I hear it every day and there are so many of them. It's like a cult. Here at The Donut, we have been successful using Weight Watchers and a lot of our content reflects that because well, it's what we know best and what works for us. But we do realize that not everyone is on the same Points wagon. Some of you are successful on the Atkins or the South Beach Diet or whatever diet your using that is helping you to actually "Put Down the Donut".

Our motive here in not to be preaching the Weight Watchers gospel even though they do have some good valid methods that will help anyone trying to get healthy. Like portion sizes and the importance of exercise. Just because your not counting Points with us doesn't mean you aren't counting or watching something that you eat. All we really care about, is that your doing something about it instead of sitting on your ass on your recliner and eating a pint of Hagen Daas wishing you didn't want to murder the aerobics girls in cold blood every time a Bally's commercial popped on the screen. I have felt the guilt. I know it exists.

There are times, too when I realize that living a healthy life is not always about food and exercise. It's about feeling good... feeling like yourself in the best possible version of it. Mental well being, and happiness are all important too and those aren't diet specific goals. They are issues we hope to address in addition to diet.

"What the hell is she blathering about?" You ask? ...

My point is (and, Noooo, not a Weight Watcher Point) is that we all are working to achieve a similar goal. But Joelle and I can't be experts about every single diet. So that's where you loyal readers can hook us up. I am asking for submissions. If you have tried or swear by a recipe or idea or a tip that works great for you on another diet, please send it in! Let me know why you liked the recipe/food/idea/tip, what diet you are following, and where you got the recipe from. We will give you full credit if we post it.

So. Now all of my friends who bitched about all the Weight Watchers talk... you have no excuse to whine unless you send something in. I will be collecting anything and everything for consideration so even if you aren't sure, send it anyway. The more resources I have the more information I can get to you.